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These Lights
These Lights Lyrics
Have you ever seen stars like these
With a night like this wishin' it could last for weeks
And I'm convinced that soon you'll see
These summer leaves turn to a winter breeze

I will show you the country and all its secrets
Like why these lights burn out so quick
Have you ever seen roads like these
With a sky so bright from the western light

And I've foreseen a new family
Forged from blood and bone just off the coast
Put a record on, they say it soothes the soul
And takes us back in time when we walked in fields of gold

With the radio playing these random hits
We'll move onto a western view
Tonight we ride to fight
We'll drop our heads real slow to the ground

That's frozen cold and breath it in
And move our limbs to make those wings
Begin again and wait and see what tomorrow brings
And we will feast and fight and tell tales
Of hangmen heroes, lovers and pawns


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