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Pencil Rot
Pencil Rot Lyrics
There's a villain in my head
And he's giving me shocks (shocks, shocks, shocks; shocks, shocks, shocks)
Save me from me, save me from me

His name is leather mcwhip
And he needs to be stopped (stopped, stopped, stopped; stopped, stopped, stopped)
Fly above me, fly above my roam
Fly above me, fly above me

Well I never had much of a lovely go (go go go; go go go)
Leave me hiving, having ever

It's like my mind's been touched
Though I never was born (was born son; was born son)
please deform me, please deform me

Let me out
Of my head
In my bed
It's a lovely leather bound poison

No more shine
With the frame
Of the brain
It's a lovely leather bound poison

It's pencil rot!

He catered to
the secondhand weakness of
Everybody had a second love
that make you want to come on

But my mind was a spinner and
it never was down
I swung around the kids and found my head of love and tried to fall on

But she saved me, saved me
saved me, saved me

I'm here to sing a song
a song about privilege
the spikes you put on your feet
when you were crawling
and dancing to the top of a
human shit pile, shit pile

Somehow you managed to elucidate
something that was on all of their minds
all of their minds

And all people see themselves
in you and i can see them
in you too

In my head, there's a bed
It's unmade
It's a lovely leather bound poison

No more ghosts
when the most
i was wrong
was a kitchen's song

leather bound poison
get your bound poison
get your bound poison

It's Pencil Rot!


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