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Fatal If Swallowed
Artist: Overkill
Ablum: Taking Over , Fuck You And Then Some , Hello From the Gutter (disc 2) , and 4 more albums.
Fatal If Swallowed Lyrics
Lust is the fire which warms you in the night
Scorching the edge of your soul
I am desire, your eyes are filled with light
Pleasing the master your goal

Like a fly to a spider, against my web you fight
My poison dousing your flame
Call on the liar, to fill the hole with light
Your feelings went as I came

Fatal if swallowed, my love's too much to hold
A deadly poison, a hot and heavy load
Fatal if swallowed, a love you can't resist
Another believer, sealed, with a kiss

Animal attraction, the numbing of your flesh
No reason to let this action wait
Your physical convulsions, the quiver of your lips
Open up, ah, take the bait

You taste it, revolting, wishing you were dead
The effect you'll never grow old
Oozing slime, foaming at the mouth
So dizzy, the poison takes its toll

No protection forced injection
Feel the bite feel the sting
No detection slow infection
Now you know what good lovin' brings

Are you a believer, or are you just a corpse
A worm eaten mass of disgust
Yeah I'm a deceiver, the reaper a letch
The reason your driven by lust

But your not the first, you won't be the last
I lead, others will follow
No mercy, forgiveness, no begging for reprieve
My venom, fatal if swallowed

Ooh, with a kiss
Fatal, kiss this
Open up wide, I'm comin' inside


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