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The Sorrow

Tracks: 38 Albums: 3

Genre: metal


Vorarlberg, Austria (2005 – present)

The Sorrow is a metalcore/melodic death metal band from Austria. They were formed in 2005 by Mathias Schlegl and Andreas Mäser from the band Disconnected and Dominik Immler and Tobias Schädler from Distance. Before the members found each other, they played in various bands: Andi and Mätze in the melodic punkrock band Disconnected, who played with the likes of Beatsteaks, Boysetsfire, Death By Stereo or Madball. Tobi and Dominik got to know each other in the old-school-HC-band Distance and supported bands like Unearth, Darkest hour and Liar.


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