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Tracks of Avril Lavigne

Tracks: 379 Albums: 145 Lyrics: 218 Ringtone: 116

Genre: acoustic , country , pop , punk , rock

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121.Sk8r BoiMall Tour Live Acoustic EP
122.Girlfriend (Explicit Version)The Best Damn Thing
123.My Happy Ending (Live Acoustic)My Happy Ending
124.I Can Do Better (Acoustic Version)The Best Damn Thing
125.Don't Tell Me (Live Acoustic)Live Acoustic
126.Girlfriend (The Submarines' Time Warp '66 Mix - English)The Best Damn Thing
127.Breathe (Radio Mix)New Divas 2004
128.He Wasn't (Live)Under My Skin (Special Edition)
129.I'm With You (live)I'm With You
130.Take Me Away (Live)Under My Skin (Special Edition)
131.Tomorrow (Live)Under My Skin (Special Edition)
132.Nobody's Home (NEW MIX)Under My Skin
133.Girlfriend (The Submarines' Time Warp '66 Mix)The Best Damn Thing (Limited Edition)
134.Everything Back But You (Explicit Version)The Best Damn Thing
135.I Can Do Better (Explicit Version)The Best Damn Thing
136.Fuel (live)My World (bonus disc)
137.Knockin' on Heaven's Door (live)My World
138.No One Needs To KnowCovers
139.Don't Tell Me (acoustic)Don't Tell Me
140.Thing's I'll Never SayTexas (San Antonio)
141.I'm With You (Walmart Soundcheck)Walmart Soundcheck
142.I Don't Have To Try (Explicit Version)The Best Damn Thing
143.When You're Gone (Walmart Soundcheck)Walmart Soundcheck
144.You Were MineCovers
145.Tomorrow (acoustic)Avril Lavigne
146.Sk8er Boi (Walmart Soundcheck)Walmart Soundcheck
147.Girlfriend (Spanish Version - Explicit) (Spanish Version - Explicit)Girlfriend EP
148.Girlfriend (French Version - Explicit) (French Version - Explicit)Girlfriend EP
149.Girlfriend (Dr. Luke Remix)The Best Damn Thing (Limited Edition)
150.Girlfriend (Junkie XL Mix)Girlfriend


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