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Avril Lavigne

Tracks: 379 Albums: 145 Lyrics: 218 Ringtone: 116

Genre: acoustic , country , pop , punk , rock


Avril Lavigne was born in Canada on September 27th, 1984. She spent the majority of her life growing up in the small town of Napanee, Ontario, Canada. Avril started off singing country songs for amateur producers in her home town.

At the age of 14 (1998), Avril won the chance to sing with award winning singer, Shania Twain, in front of 20,000 people. Shortly after Avril realised she wanted to follow her passion for music, and dropped out of school to move to New York. There she sang for L.A. Reid once word got around that a small town girl from Canada had moved to the city in search of a music career.

Top Albums

Let Go


Under My Skin


The Best Damn Thing


Goodbye Lullaby



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