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Artist: Dwight Yoakam
Tracks: 50


1.Guitars, Cadillacs
2.Little Sister
3.Please, Please Baby
4.A Thousand Miles From Nowhere
5.Fast As you
6.This Drinkin' Will Kill Me
7.1,000 Miles
8.It Only Hurts When I Cry
9.Things Change
10.If There Was a Way
11.It Won't Hurt
12.I'll Be Gone
13.Two Doors Down
14.Home for Sale
15.Lonesome Roads
16.Bury Me
17.The Distance Between You And Me
18.Nothing's Changed Here
19.Johnson's Love
20.Sad, Sad Music
21.A Long Way Home
22.Throughout All Time
23.Readin', Rightin', RT. 23
24.Buenas Noches From A Lonely Room
25.Little Ways (Live) (Live)
26.Bury Me (Acoustic LP Version)
27.Little Sister (Acoustic LP Version)
28.Nothing's Changed Here (Acoustic LP Version)
29.Things Change (Acoustic LP Version)
30.A Thousand Miles From Nowhere (Acoustic LP Version)
31.Guitars, Cadillacs (Acoustic LP Version)
32.It Only Hurts When I Cry (Acoustic LP Version)
33.Sad, Sad Music (Acoustic LP Version)
34.1000 Miles (Acoustic LP Version)
35.Fast As You (Acoustic LP Version)
36.If There Was A Way (Acoustic LP Version)
37.It Won't Hurt (Acoustic LP Version)
38.Little Ways (Acoustic LP Version)
39.This Drinkin' Will Kill Me (Acoustic LP Version)
40.A Long Way Home (Acoustic LP Version)
41.Throughout All Time (Acoustic LP Version)
42.Two Doors Down (Acoustic LP Version)
43.Buenos Noches From A Lonely Room (She Wore Red Dresses) (Acoustic LP Version)
44.Home For Sale (Acoustic LP Version)
45.I'll Be Gone (Acoustic LP Version)
46.Lonesome Roads (Acoustic LP Version)
47.Please, Please Baby (Acoustic LP Version)
48.Readin', Rightin', Rt. 23 (Acoustic LP Version)
49.The Distance Between You And Me (Acoustic LP Version)
50.Johnson's Love (Acoustic LP Version)

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